Association Support

Conference Incorporated helps small associations stabilize and grow. With great attention to service and quality, we’ll provide the day-to-day administration and program assistance your association needs to thrive.>>

Corporate Support

Conference Incorporated provides corporate event management services – taking care of the myriad of details required to execute a successful event, from budget development thru results reporting – all the while, you are able to stay focused on your business…and your message.>>

Nonprofit Support

Conference Incorporated helps nonprofits maintain the lowest ratio of dollars spent to dollars raised because we strive to deliver the best pricing, contract terms and expertly executed events to increase your donations.>>

Conference Professionals for Exceptional Businesses

“We get it right because we “get it.”

We understand that the difference between a good meeting and a great meeting is a matter of experience—your attendees’ experience. Superior meeting management cannot be accomplished through effective planning and task completion alone. That’s why many of the things we do for our clients don’t show up on a conference management checklist. We transform meetings into meaningful experiences by encompassing the spirit and ideals of the clients we serve.

Removing your anxiety and creating a comfortable and conducive environment for your event is our main objective. For most clients, this involves planning, budgeting, arranging, promoting and coordinating the many complex, subtle, and unique details required for each function. Successful meeting planning goes far beyond negotiating rates or booking space. It includes developing a thorough understanding of your organization, your goals, your objectives, and your special needs. It involves developing a similar understanding of the attendees involved. It embodies hospitality by creating an atmosphere that makes people feel more welcomed and more productive. A successful meeting or event produces positive and measurable results.

Contact us online or call us at (703) 766-4900 to discuss your conference, meeting and event planning requirements today.

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