Increase the Wow Factor at Your Event

Lectures are something most people feel they “have to” attend. If you create the same old seminar, conference, or meeting, it can feel like a lecture to your attendees. Grab their attention and give them something they “want to” show up for by creating something special.
While some form of education is often a necessary component of any event … whether that involves your attendees learning something new about your industry, your market, or your organization … adding a guest speaker, keynote speaker or some form of entertainment to the agenda will draw them in and make the overall experience stand out in their memory.

Our Speaker Engagement Services

Securing the right guest speaker or talent isn’t just about finding who is available within your budget, it’s about booking the speaker or the talent that matches the culture of your event and will help you make it a success. We start the process by understanding your goals and objectives. Then we present you with a short list of qualified candidates to choose from and include the following services:

  • Negotiate Contracts
  • Book Speakers and Talent
  • Review Technical Riders
  • Resolve Issues

Book a guest speaker or entertainment for your next event, meeting, or conference. Contact us online or call us at (703) 766-4900.