Measuring Your Event’s Success

What was the ROI? Did we meet budget? What did your attendees/guests think? How did they like that keynote speaker? How was the venue? The food? Did your attendee value taking time away from their office to attend your event?

Any conference, meeting, or special event requires some level of investment on your part. Assessing your ROI doesn’t have to be a grey area left up to subjective opinions for measuring if you got your biggest bang for your buck. You need detailed results reporting that indicates what went right, what went wrong, and if you achieved your goals and objectives to know the true success of your event.

Our Results Reporting Services

Conference Inc provides you with a detailed event report to help you measure your success so you can improve the outcome of your post-event follow up and future events. We include recommendations for improvement based upon our extensive knowledge and experience. Plus, we meet with you to review the report. Our event reports include the following information:

  • A copy of your event agenda
  • A review of action items planned
  • A copy of your budget
  • Narrative about any budget variances
  • A review of your post-event expenditures
  • Your goals and objectives
  • Attendance and demographic data of attendees
  • Suitability assessment of your speakers and entertainment (if any)
  • Suitability assessment of the venue
  • A review of outputs produced
  • Participant surveys
  • A review of how well the event delivered on your stated goals and objectives
  • Recommendations for future changes

For more details about how we track results for your events, Contact us online or call us at (703) 766-4900.