Ann Walsh


Ann Walsh joined the CI team when the DMAW management contract was awarded to CI. At the time, Ann was the DMAW Staff Accountant. In addition to managing all of DMAW’s accounting tasks, Ann is the project manager for DMAW’s Annual Marketing Awards in eXcellence and Innovation (MAXI Awards), and is responsible for DMAW’s job postings and monthly Job Exchange for DMAW’s monthly publication, Marketing Advents. She has been with DMAW since 2002; consequently, she brings tremendous historical knowledge and data about the DMAW and its activities.

For six years, Ann has managed the accounting for the Bridge Conference, including tracking receivables, payables, reconciling the bank account monthly, and reconciling the credit cards received for registration, sponsorships, exhibit sales and ad sales with the registration software. Ann also completes the final reconciliation for the final distribution to each organization.

Prior to DMAW and Bridge, Ann managed a small business, spent six years managing eleven oil & gas partnership with 30+ oil and gas wells along the Ohio River; and served as an officer and a member of the Board of Directors of both the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) and its local chapter. In 1972 as NHF’s Legislative Committee Chair, she was instrumental in organizing NHF’s efforts to persuade Congress to enact legislation for the treatment of hemophilia. This effort yielded the first regional comprehensive health treatment centers for hemophiliacs by an act of Congress and later became the “health care model” for other health legislation. For the past 5 years, Ann has been President of the Woodland Hills Homeowner’s Association, a 258 townhouse community.

To contact Ann Walsh, call (703) 766-4900 ext. 104 or email her at