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Case-Oriented Symposium on Bleeding & Thrombosis

Oct. 4-5, 2013
Hilton McLean Tysons Corner Hotel, McLean, VA



 (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.)

Each session had a clinical presentation, a laboratory presentation and case studies. Here you will be
able to download each presentation. To download, just click the speaker’s name or case study.

Session One: The Evaluation of the Thrombotic Patient
Clinical – Kenneth Bauer, MD
Laboratory – Jeffrey Dlott, MD
Thrombotic Case Studies

Session Two:  Women’s Health Issues:  Hemostasis & Thrombosis
Clinical – Claire Philipp, MD
Laboratory – Laura Worfolk, PhD
Women’s Health Issues Case Studies

Session Three:  Drug & Immune Thrombocytopenia
Clinical – Richard Aster, MD
Laboratory – Mervyn Sahud, MD
Thrombocytopenia Case Studies

Session Four:  New Anticoagulants
Clinical – Adam Cuker, MD
Laboratory – Jeffrey Dlott, MD
New Anticoagulants Case Studies

Session Five:  Sickle Cell Disease and Vascular Thrombosis
Clinical – Sophie Lanzkron, MD
Laboratory – Fred Racke, MD
Sickle Cell and Vascular Thrombosis Case Studies

Session Six:  Approach to the Bleeding Patient
Clinical – Michael Streiff, MD
Laboratory – Anne Winkler, MD
Bleeding Patient Case Studies

Keynote Speaker
Timothy Johnson, MD